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Coderus are a mobile and embedded software development company producing native iOS and Android apps using the latest tools, technologies and industry best practices with prowess in building and interfacing with embedded and IoT solutions. We follow an Agile methodology to ensure we deliver the highest quality solutions.
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We Are Coderus | An Innovative Mobile App and Embedded Software Development Consultancy on Vimeo
We Are Coderus | An Innovative Mobile App and Embedded Software Development Consultancy on Vimeo
🚀 Big Tech & Startups
Snapchat launches safety feature to give parents limited access to children's accounts | Science & Tech News | Sky News
Big Tech has taken a hit recently, with numerous cutbacks and a decline in sales, but not all seems to be doom and gloom in the tech world.
Snapchat has stepped up its safety features. As technology rapidly adapts, it can be a worrying thought for many parents about what their children get up to online. Snapchat has now introduced a new feature which allows parents to see who their children are friends with on the social platform, with the latest feature coming off the back of a recent study involving over 9,000 teens.
And they aren’t the only ones stepping it up - WhatsApp has also followed in their steps. If you’re an avid user of the messaging platform, then you’ll know that you can’t escape a group chat without everyone noticing. 👀 Meta has announced new privacy features for WhatsApp users, meaning you can exit chats silently, control who can see your online status and block screenshots on View Once messages.
We are entitled to our privacy, after all. 🔐
🔭 Science & Futuristic Tech
How machine learning could help save threatened species from extinction - The Verge
How many species exist on Earth? Or at least how many of them are left…
Extinction is a concerning issue within the animal kingdom. Even after thousands of years, we still don’t know much about the species that do exist. A new study has used machine learning to figure out just how threatened these lesser-known species are, and the results are grim. 😟
Scientists don’t know everything and they rely heavily on data, but that poses problems when there are many data deficient animals and plants. And, it turns out that these data deficient species are more at threat than we thought. In a recent study, more than 56% of data deficient species are at risk of extinction!
An ecologist at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology trained an algorithm to predict the extinction risk of species, using the information on over 28,000 different kinds of animals. That way, the algorithm could start to understand factors that often determine how threatened a species is — including climate change and pollution.
🧑‍💻 Dev, Data & Design
Neubrutalism style in UX: a twist on the dominant modern minimalist | by Maria Taneva | Jul, 2022 | UX Collective
What’s the one section of a website/app that makes it memorable? You might be thinking of the logo ✅
The takeover of Neubrutalism is happening but what is it and why do we need it?
Neubrutalism can be easily identified by a few particular traits. Immediately noticeable are the solid clashing colours; large bold text in quirky fonts immediately tells you where you are and what you can do there.
Trends come and go. Whilst Neubrutalism might not be to everyone’s taste, it does come with its pros such as maximum visibility and contrast, which are good for legibility and accessibility (it’s also fun to look at).
So is Neubrutalism something that will stick around?
Check out some interesting examples.
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Software Developer | Junior ➡️ Senior | Nottingham | Hybrid working
Tech Lead | Senior ➡️ Lead | Manchester | Hybrid working
Mobile Developer | Mid | Manchester | Hybrid working
DevOps Engineer | Mid ➡️ Senior | London | Hybrid working
Software Engineer (PHP/Laravel) | Mid | Hove | Hybrid working
PHP Developer | Junior ➡️ Senior | Wallsend | Hybrid working
👩‍💻 Developer Stories
Developer Stories: Meet Nooshin, a Front End Developer at Qrious - Haystack
It can be hard to know where to start, so how did you get into software development?
My learning path started with a course in web design and development. I learned HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and libraries such as jquery as part of the course. After that, I started working as a junior front-end developer where I developed my skills further by building web and mobile applications.
Do you have any tips/tricks for junior developers - Are there any resources that you relied on during your early career?
Being a software developer requires learning on a constant basis whether it is through online resources or practice. From early on in my programming journey I’ve been using websites like W3schools, MDN Web Docs, GitHub, Medium, etc. 
In your opinion, what’s the best thing about working at Qrious? 
Qrious is welcoming to innovative ideas and helps to nurture talent. This gives me the opportunity to find a balance between my personal interests, the projects I get to pursue on a regular basis and learning new skills, plus having a friendly team which is another best thing to be part of Qrious.
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