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☄️ The crypto crash

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🚀 Big Tech & Startups
Image source: BBC News
It’s been a rocky road for the crypto industry lately, with one of the most popular coins falling by 99% 😳
And as if that wasn’t bad enough, it’s had a knock-on effect with other coins too meaning that even some of the most stable coins have taken a hit, like TerraUSD.
One of the largest cryptocurrencies is amongst the chaos - its value has dropped by 50% since November when it was at its peak. 📉 Bitcoin, which accounts for about a third of the cryptocurrency market, has seen its value rapidly plunge by more than 10% in the last few days and more than 20% in the last week. 😬
But, what’s the main contributor to the disruption? ⬇️
The recent decline is being linked to a loss of confidence in the crypto market amid economic pressures around the world, as well as post-Covid lockdowns. Could this be the end of digital currencies?
🔭 Science & Futuristic Tech
Image source: Asteroid Mining Corporation
The advancements in tech over the years have become quite scary - and now there’s a six-legged robot on the scene known as Scar-e. 🤖
The founder of the Asteroid Mining Corporation (AMC), Mitch Hunter-Scullion, has designed a robot with the aim of sending it into space to drill for precious metals such as iron, nickel and platinum. ⛏
Mimicking the actions of a spider, the Scar-e has been designed to “essentially hold on to the side of asteroids for dear life as it screams through the solar system.”
Why? To put it simply, there is only a finite supply of materials on Earth, so people are looking to space to meet the increased demands. But, there’s still a long way to go (pardon the pun) and a lot of research/planning is still to be carried out before any robots can be sent to space to mine asteroids.
🔥 Highlighted Opportunities
📌 EPAM - Newcastle upon Tyne HQ (local/open to remote)
Currently hiring for 9 opportunities
📌 Aurora Energy - Oxford HQ (local only)
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📌 Scott Logic - Newcastle upon Tyne HQ (hybrid working)
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📌 Lloyds Banking Group- London HQ (local/hybrid working)
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📌 Infostretch - Sunderland HQ (hybrid/open to remote)
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🧑‍💻 Dev, Data & Design
This month is mental health awareness month 🧠
Every year we raise awareness of mental health, the importance of supporting one another and the tools we can use, but it shouldn’t just be highlighted once a year. Supporting and promoting good mental health should be part of our everyday lives.
Here are some of our tips to help you maintain good mental health as a software developer ⬇️
🧑‍💻 Don’t overwork yourself
🕵️ Try to battle imposter syndrome
🧘 Try meditation
⚖️ Have a work-life balance
📣 Don’t be afraid to speak up
But, most importantly, be kind to other developers 💛
⚙️ Miscellaneous
📖 Developer Stories
Not everyone’s journey into tech is the same, nor does it need to be.
We 💛 to hear from developers who share their different experiences with us. We recently caught up with some of Crisp’s dev team ⬇️
Jack, an Associate Software Engineer:
For me, learning at University doesn’t compare to learning on the job. At University you’re in a very safe space with lenient time pressures, working and learning on the job presents its own challenges, especially where time is concerned. I don’t think anyone can really prepare themselves for working in software development.
It’s always important to have the right mindset and to remain positive. Having the right attitude and energy will inevitably lead to success.
John, a Senior Software Engineer:
As a junior it can be frustrating to come up against problems that are apparently either insurmountable or take enormous efforts to overcome - this can be more acute if you are working in very small teams, or alone. The best suggestion I can give is to find a bright and energetic team or community that works on interesting products - you will learn a lot very quickly!
Read more of Jack & John’s stories and find out what it’s like to work at Crisp!
📲 What’s New On Haystack
📌 London (hybrid working) - Currently hiring a Tech Lead
📌 Stockport (hybrid working) - Currently hiring for 4 opportunities
📌 London (remote only) - Currently hiring a Senior Software Engineer
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