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🧑‍🚀 The billionaire's space race isn't over

Hey 👋 happy Wednesday to you.
Summer’s nearly over 😥 but it’s not all doom and gloom!
We’re excited to announce some BIG news. 📣
We’ve recently completed our £1.5m seed round with a £500,000 investment from Mercia and the North East Venture Fund.
Haystack has grown immensely in the past 12 months and we’re still on our mission to connect the world’s tech talent with employers that matter to them. 👏
Stay tuned for what’s to come next, including some exciting new features! 📲

Recruitment platform Haystack wins £500k from North East Development Fund Prolific North
🚀 Big Tech & Startups
Burnout and bullying: Why startup workers' mental health is so bad
How’s your mental health recently? 🫂 Whether you work in a startup, a large enterprise, are freelance or self-employed - your work can have a huge impact on your mental health. You spend 8ish hours (on average) a day working, 8 hours sleeping and 8 hours doing what you want (including chores). So try and make sure those 8 hours don’t negatively affect the rest of your life.
According to Sifted readers, a big part of mental health problems at work was down to how inexperienced many managers at startups are. 
“[The inexperienced managers I’ve had] have had little regard for the impact their decisions have on someone’s mental health,” one said. Another agreed, adding that “ego and inexperience can be brutal for all involved”.
Have you ever had a toxic or inexperienced boss? How has this impacted your mental health? 🧠
🔭 Science & Futuristic Tech
Artemis: Nasa readies giant Moon rocket for maiden flight
This debut outing for Artemis will have no crew on board and is just a test, but hopes that future missions will be able to send astronauts to the moon’s surface - which is the first time in over 50 years.
It’s also been just over a year since Jeff Bezos went to space (for a whole 11 minutes). SpaceX, Elon Musk’s venture, seems to have taken over. SpaceX boasts a total of 169 launches, 131 landings and 107 re-flights. The company routinely launches five to six missions each month. 👩‍🚀
But recently, Virgin Galactic announced that it was building new spaceship manufacturing facilities. They’d then have the capacity to produce up to six spaceships a year, according to a statement from them. 🚀
The first of these spaceships is expected to take flight in late 2025, progressing to private astronaut flights in 2026.
The billionaire’s space race isn’t over.
🧑‍💻 Dev, Data & Design
Junior designers need your help
Do we need developers to develop our product? Yes.
Do we need designers? No, they are a nice-to-have.
We don’t agree with this sentiment, but plenty of businesses do. One way or another, they’ll end up paying the price for not hiring correctly.
We need to better support junior designers and developers in the current pace of the industry, or they’ll get left behind. It can seem like a huge task to set out these processes to support junior employees - but the payoff is that junior designers and developers, in a few years, will be incredible. Senior leaders just need to put that time and energy into it.
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⚙️ Miscellaneous
  • Former WeWork CEO’s new real estate company is planning a crypto wallet in addition to the real estate software it currently sells 💳
  • Apple laid off ~100 contractors recently - is hiring slowing?
  • Ever wondered why gas is so cheap in America? Here’s why
  • Researchers have managed to change the blood type of a kidney during a transplant 🩸
  • Netflix is confirmed to be working on an ad-supported tier of the platform, due to launch in 2023 🎥
🔥 Highlighted Opportunities
Engineering Manager | Senior ➡️ Lead | Edinburgh | Hybrid working
Senior Java Developer | Mid ➡️ Senior | Manchester | Remote or Hybrid
Data Engineer | Mid ➡️ Senior | London | Remote
Software Engineer (PHP/Laravel) | Mid | Hove | Hybrid working
Senior Software Engineer | Senior | Manchester | Remote or Hybrid
🧑‍💻 Blog Round-up
Developer Stories: Meet Hamad, a Front End Software Engineer and tech enthusiast - Haystack
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