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🇺🇦 Tech giants pull the plug to support Ukraine

Hey friend 👋 We hope you’re having a great week so far.
Last week we hosted our first-ever Twitter Spaces with three incredible software developers - Flora, Jessie & Amber. We talked about their inspiration in their lives and journeys into tech. Catch up and give it a listen.
📲 Big Tech & Startups
Image source: Imgflip
Many tech companies are uniting together and showing their support in light of recent events in Ukraine. Several tech giants are making a bold move and have decided to either suspend or cease trading in Russia.
Apple was one of the first tech giants to cease trading - they’ve pulled the plug on selling their products on Russia’s Apple store with many products being listed as unavailable for delivery or purchase. Netflix also followed suit and has announced that they’ve stopped operating in Russia, meaning that their 1 million customers in the country will lose out!
From organising a tech awards ceremony to helping in a time of crisis - Ukraine’s tech community has risen to the challenge and are aimlessly fighting on the cyber front. Ukraine-based start-up, Adwisely, has launched a website showing how to donate to the Ukrainian army whilst security company Ajax Systems is developing an app to notify citizens of air-raid sirens. 🚨
🧑‍🔬 Science & Futuristic Tech
Image source: Wired
What’s the weather like up there? 🛰
The latest storm-spotting satellite has been launched into space, equipped with high res cameras which will be able to track everything from hurricanes and floods to wildfires and smoke - and even the weather up in space!
And down here on the ground, a Cornish start-up has developed a technique using AI. The satellite technology is targeted towards the agricultural sector with the aim of helping out farmers to better manage their crops. 🧑‍🌾 Clouds may be pretty to look at but quite often they get in the way and can be a nuisance when it comes to sowing crops. Aspia Space‘s technology has been designed to produce a clear synthetic image of fields in all weathers meaning more happy farmers!
🎨 Dev, Data & Design
Image source: Figma
After listening to their user’s feedback, Figma is rolling out a few new updates to help save you time 👇
  • File previews: When you search in Figma, a preview of the matching search results will be shown so you can more readily identify the correct file
  • File type filters: Now you can filter your recents, team pages, and search results by Figma or FigJam files
  • Control over font sizes: Varied font sizes allow you to more easily group ideas and create a content hierarchy
  • Stamps and highlights that stick around: Stamps and highlights will stick to whatever object they’re attached to, no matter where they go on the canvas
⚙️ Miscellaneous
  • Ukraine are releasing NFTs to support their troops 🇺🇦
  • A bot has been calling out employers on their gender pay gap 👀
  • Apple unveils new devices on their first live stream event of 2022 ⌚️
  • Amazon launches a live radio app - Amp 📻
🚀 Entry Level
📌 Graduate/Junior Software Developer (Full Stack), Hybrid - Newcastle upon Tyne
📌 Junior WordPress Developer, Local only - Brighton
📌 Associate Software Engineer, Hybrid - Harrogate
📌 Graduate Software Developer, Local only - various locations
📌 Cloud Engineer, Hybrid - London
📌 Graduate Sales Engineer, Hybrid - Gateshead
👩‍💻 Women in Tech
Imagine a world where women are equally supported like men. 
The representation of females in the tech industry is low, with women making up only 19% of the tech workforce.
So there’s still a long way to go.
We want to #BreakTheBias and support more women to get into tech. 
We’ve spoken to some incredible and inspirational female developers who share with us their journeys and experiences.
I believe so strongly in the power of inspiring others. As each one of us pave our own way in our careers, we should be looking out for the ones that follow in our footsteps, by paying it forward, guiding and leading other women wanting to pave their own career in tech.
I’m a trans woman, and began my transition back in 2012. Before then, I was very concerned about the impact that transitioning might have on my career - whereas in fact the converse was true - I found it made me far happier in work, and a better team player.
I believe the motivation came from wanting to make a difference and prove that women, especially women like me from an underrepresented background, can also achieve whatever they put their mind to in this world. 
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