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🥕 Meta police are being tricked by carrots

Hey, happy Wednesday 😎
Raytheon sponsor this week’s edition of Haystack Digest.
Focusing on Raytheon UK’s National Security Cyber (NSC) Division who are at the forefront of all the latest technologies and innovations, whether it be artificial intelligence or machine learning. Described as the game-changers, this business is helping to implement tomorrow’s technologies, today.
We work in partnership with customers to deliver secure, mission-critical systems and offer unique capabilities in the design and development of high-assurance software for bespoke systems, with security built in from the outset.
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Discover Raytheon UK on the Haystack app 📲
Discover Raytheon UK on the Haystack app 📲
🚀 Big Tech & Startups
Anti-vax groups use carrot emojis to hide Facebook posts - BBC News
Facebook’s algorithm seems to be struggling.
A first thought might be that people want their content to be seen by a wider audience, but users of the social platform are conjuring up a variety of ways to get their content hidden from automated moderation tools - and emojis seem to be helping.
Facebook’s algorithm tends to focus on words rather than images, so users have been sneaky with their use of emojis. Meta has been faced with multiple anti-vax groups being set up, unbeknownst to them, as users are replacing certain words with a carrot emoji instead. 🥕
The tech giants use algorithms to trawl their platforms for harmful content, but it seems some things are slipping through the net.
🔭 Science & Futuristic Tech
Teaching ‘Selfish’ Wind Turbines to Share Can Boost Productivity | WIRED UK
Who knew wind turbines could be so selfish?
Wind turbines function similarly to sunflowers. 🌻 Even though we probably don’t notice it, they rotate left to right in order to face the wind, to maximise the amount of energy that they produce.
But whilst they might be engineered to operate well individually, they appear to struggle to work together in tandem.
When wind flows through a turbine to generate electricity, a wake is created, meaning that turbines that follow use slower and more turbulent wind. A study that was carried out in 2009 estimated that electricity production was reduced by 10 - 20% when the impact across an entire wind farm was added up.
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has developed an algorithm that aims to reduce the wake effect and boost the total output of wind turbines. The algorithm uses atmospheric physics and operational farm data, such as temperature and wind conditions, to estimate the wakes that turbines are creating and how these are impacting other turbines. The algorithm then predicts ways to arrange the turbines so they’re less disruptive to one another.
Download the app 📲
Download the app 📲
🧑‍💻 Dev, Data & Design
Windows 11’s 2022 Update has something new for everyone - The Verge
Windows 11 now feels complete ✅
There was a surge in PC usage during the pandemic and with remote working becoming the new norm, but Windows 11 wasn’t up to scratch.
Microsoft has been hard at work for the past year and it feels like new updates are arriving thick and fast. So what’s new with the Windows 11 2022 update?
  • Start menu folders
  • Improvements to Snap Layouts
  • Live Captions across the entire OS
  • Better touch gestures
  • and even a new Xbox controller bar
There seems to be something new for everyone, but only if your PC supports it.
⚙️ Miscellaneous
  • The Queen reigned through many advancements in tech 👑
  • Uber is investigating an attack on its system 🚕
  • YouTube’s ‘dislike’ button doesn’t appear to work 👎
  • GTA VI has been leaked to the world and Rockstar Games aren’t happy 🕹
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Software Developer | Mid | Sunderland | Hybrid
Data Engineer | Mid-Senior | Sunderland | Hybrid
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