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🍎 Apple's mass outage didn't go down well

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🚀 Big Tech & Startups
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Apple isn’t having a very good week so far as they suffered a huge outage, leaving thousands of their customers unhappy! 😰
The outage led to dozens of services going down and many products couldn’t be accessed - some of the main apps and services affected included the likes of the App Store, Apple Music and even Maps.
As expected, hundreds of customers of the tech giant took straight to Twitterto express their frustrations - urging Apple to get on the problem asap! But, their rapid response meant that the problems were fixed within hours despite 11 outages being detected. 🤯
Were you affected by the outage? Maybe you work remotely and couldn’t do your job or you had to find alternative ways to listen to your favourite podcasts and music. 🎧
🔭 Science & Futuristic Tech
As a society, we can all step up to make a change in the world and combat the rising issue of landfill waste. One of the easier ways we can all contribute is by recycling. ♻️
A new £58 million recycling centre has unveiled its big plans and has now been dubbed as “the recycling centre of the future” as it aims to incorporate AI technology with its sorting robots and optical sorters. The site is due to be in operation by summer 2023 and, with the use of technology, many more materials can begin to be recycled - including carrier bags!
For now, let’s all make an active decision to continue to recycle when we can 👏
🎙 Tech Uncovered
In the latest episode of Haystack: Tech Uncovered, we spoke with Sarat Pediredla 🦔, Tech Founder and CEO of hedgehog lab - a global digital product consultancy based in Newcastle Upon Tyne.Find out more and listen to Sarat’s journey in the latest episode 🎙
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🧑‍💻 Dev, Data & Design
When it comes to searching for your next opportunity, it can often feel like finding a needle in a haystack. 🔍
But, we’re here to change that! We’re on a mission to help techies find some cool jobs 😎
Check out some of the latest roles in engineering, data and design on the Haystack app 📲
⚙️ Miscellaneous
  • The UK is in with a chance of winning the race to space 🚀
  • Fortnite has raised a huge $36 million for Ukraine relief 🎮
  • Heineken launches a virtual beer as they mock themselves in the metaverse 🍻
  • UK government starts to crack down on tech bosses 🚨
  • WhatsApp rolls out emoji reactions on Android 📲
📌 Highlighted Opportunities
Python Developer: Junior ➡️ Mid 📌 Leeds (Hybrid role)
.Net Developer: Junior ➡️ Mid 📌 Leeds (Hybrid role)
Graduate Program - Engineering: Graduate ➡️ Junior 📌 London (Hybrid role)
Junior WordPress Developer: Graduate ➡️ Junior 📌 Brighton (Local only)
Full Stack Developer: Junior ➡️ Mid 📌 Newcastle upon Tyne (Hybrid role)
Front End Developer: Mid ➡️ Senior 📌 Newcastle upon Tyne (Hybrid role)
Full Stack .Net Developer: Mid ➡️ Senior 📌 London (Remote only)
📚 Developer Stories
Meet Lilian, a self-taught software engineer and career switcher from a non-technical background.
I love learning new concepts and working on new ideas - for me, the journey into tech made me more open-minded, receptive to change and conscious about the power of networking.
At the start of the pandemic, I had just graduated with my Masters degree and accepted a job offer working as an energy advisor, but I felt under-utilised. I had much more to offer, I had great ideas and I was ready for a more challenging opportunity for a chance to grow and develop.
My advice to anyone thinking of making a career switch into tech is DO IT! • Make a list of your WHYs (motivation) and keep that close to where you can see it every day because some days will be tough, and you need to remind yourself why you are doing this in the first place. • Find suitable ways to learn, whether you choose to become self-taught or join a Bootcamp, make sure you are happy and you are enjoying the process. • Join tech communities such as Black Girls in Tech, Coding Black Females, and Code First Girls. Actively ask questions, network and make good use of the resources that are available to you for free.
Read more of Lilian’s advice, tips and tricks in her Developer Story and feel free to share with others to inspire them to make a move into tech!
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